Years ago, in the early days of the iPad, my Mom took quite an interest in the one that I had purchased. As she was nearly 90, and sitting for long hours at her desktop became uncomfortable, she decided that it was just what she needed. The day her shiny, new iPad arrived she was anxious to play with it immediately. I explained that there was a set up procedure that I would need follow. Since her main objective was to sit in her favorite chair and enjoy her family photos, that’s what I chose to download first..and I was shocked to see that she had over 5,500! She and my Dad gave up their film cameras when the first digital ones were available. They bought a computer before most senior citizens ever heard of one. They took classes to learn as much as possible about this new technology. All of this was for the love of photography and the joy of keeping Family memories alive.

It’s my belief that, in Heaven, all of your memories are with you. Mom & Dad left the photos for US to enjoy! Our family  seldom gathers in one place, but this page can be a place to visit and remember. It will be a random grouping of old and new.  Please be patient, as I’m new to this format. In memory of all who are on the “Other Side”, I promise to keep it going.

2016-05-04 15.55.43
Wendy’s birthday!
2016-05-07 18.47.19
Downtown Burlington
2016-05-27 12.07.37
Hey! Pick up that trash!
2016-06-06 13.08.26
BIG lens! DAR State Park
2016-06-14 12.47.39
Shelburne Bay
2016-06-16 13.27.26
GrandPa Billy gets a Father’s Day visit.
2016-06-29 08.29.29
Where’d everybody go?
2016-06-29 09.49.17
Sign of Yesteryear
2016-06-29 09.49.44
2016-06-29 10.01.56
Jules at work
2016-06-29 14.36.07
2016-06-29 14.36.25
More Love
2016-06-29 15.05.14
Jeff Lovie

2016-06-29 15.09.52

2016-06-29 16.36.24
Peace, Lovies
2016-07-09 13.57.12
Sweet Memory December 1985