Living Tiny

I love my new adventures on the road…but it was my Tiny House that brought me to this place in my life. Five years in “The Mobile Kermitage” gave me a new understanding of what I really NEED to be happy. The truth is…very little!

2015-08-03 13.55.18

Winter morning

2012-06-24 09.40.35

Trigger grazing
2012-06-24 09.35.20
Ladder up position
Loft Buddy
So cozy
2015-10-23 07.41.09
Bonfire night
2012-06-24 09.32.37
work station
Ellie watching for the fox
2015-08-03 14.21.21
Greg’s original Iowa Tiny House license
2012-06-24 09.33.13
Fly away
2015-08-05 14.16.42
my tiny loft window
2015-08-03 13.55.59
Says it all