The Mobile Hermitage arrives!

Welcome to Tiny House Times! It seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote the following post:

After years of thinking, dreaming, planning and ridding my life of clutter….the time had come. My Tiny House, The Mobile Hermitage, passed through 2 snowstorms on it’s journey to eastern Pa. from Iowa. It arrived right on schedule…safe, sound…and a bit salty! Some may recognize this House as the “mascot” of the Small House Society. The Tiniest of Tumbleweeds, it was built by Jay Shafer and Gregory Paul Johnson at the dawn of the tiny house movement. Arriving in the winter of 2010, I knew that I’d given myself a life altering gift. What I didn’t expect was the incredible feeling of lightness and freedom I experienced as a result of shedding hundreds of meaningless possessions…a freedom that had always been available at any point in my life. So, it took this “diminutive dwelling”, as Gregory liked to call it, to provide the inspiration to begin this new and adventurous journey!

Thank you, Jed, for the safe delivery. Thank you, Jay, for living your dreams and inspiring others to do the same. Thank you, Gregory, for sharing your tiny house experience with the world and for selecting me to take over as the Curator of the Mobile Hermitage (now Kermitage!). :-)

It was a slow transition for me. No matter how much “stuff” I got rid of there always seemed to to be MORE!!! There were bins in the family (shared) storage space. And, for some reason, books and tools and small appliances that I had loaned to people years ago were suddenly returned! And lets not forget the stashed away “skinny clothes” that I might fit into again someday. And the Thule bike rack that fit the car I sold back in ’99…

I think you get the picture. This, along with some major life/family changes, contributed to my complete move to Tiny taking longer than it takes most people to BUILD their abode from the ground up! None of that mattered any more…I found a new peace as I settled into the Mobile Kermitage.