2015-08-05 14.09.25

Ahhhhh….the nagging question: “What if _________?” posed so many years ago when I was feeling overwhelmed by “stuff”. My possessions had me bogged down. Choosing a new place to live meant looking for a space that had an attic, basement, or extra room just to hold all that I’d collected over a lifetime. Bins, boxes, and bags of items I seldom (or never) used had to be moved and stacked and hidden. One day, while contemplating another tedious move, I came across a copy of “Yes” Magazine with a cover photo of Dee Williams sitting in her tiny, self built house on wheels. I was immediately inspired and vowed, that very day, to downsize drastically, find a Tiny House, and live a simple life. Fast forward three years…my dream was realized in the form of “The Mobile Kermitage”, a 70 square foot tiny Tumbleweed house on wheels! That transition was the beginning of a life of joy and freedom!

Four years later, when I met my “Soul Mate”, Gary, he caught the “Tiny Life Bug”. The downsizing started all over again, as we tackled HIS lifetime of collecting! Now we’re on the road full-time. Every day is a new adventure!