Champy Scampy!

Named for the famous, yet elusive, Lake Champlain monster, Champy, the 13′ Scamp was our home on wheels for 4 years. These little trailers are in demand and tough to come by…but the Universe lined up perfectly when we were ready to downsize from our 26′ Born Free Class C motor home. Champy was small […]

Sign of the times…

A big “Thank You!” to our new friends Roger and Daniele from Montreal. Button Bay has become their “second home”, so we’ve gotten to see them often. We had admired their special campsite sign and discovered that Daniele is an artist and had created it herself. We were thrilled when, on one of their visits, […]

On Wheels

For most of my adult life, for various reasons, I moved every year or two. Looking back, I think it may have had something to do with growing bored easily. When most people I know needed a change…they rearranged the furniture. I just packed up and moved. Perhaps that’s why life on wheels makes so […]

To Blog or not to Blog…

That is the question! When I was working I used to think, “When I retire I’ll have time to…(read those books; ride my bike; learn to cook; hike that mountain; kayak that river; visit that country; create that website; set up a blog; etc., etc….)” Well, Gary and I are retired. For some reason, my […]

Button Bay

After three wonderful summers serving as Volunteer Camp Hosts at Button Bay State Park, Vergennes, Vermont, we decided we wanted to explore more of the country by becoming full time, traveling pet sitters. We were familiar with several online house sitting platforms, having joined them for our winter “sits”. These sites have provided a path […]